Wedgewood Flats

Built with quality in mind and location at hand.

Near the bulk of Morgantown’s restaurants, residents of Wedgewood Flats will have many fine dining opportunities in Suncrest, as well as easy access to shopping plazas, sporting events, recreational activities, and healthcare facilities. These one-bedroom apartments are ideal for young professionals and graduate students looking for a quiet, safe, and trendy place to call home.

Property Features

  • Parking: Off-street
  • Pets: No-pets
  • Kitchen: Microwave, dishwasher, electric-range, refrigerator, ice-maker, and garbage-disposal
  • General Living Area: Ac, heating, washer-dryer, laminate, and ceiling-fans
  • Exterior: Porch and deck
  • General Features: Fire-alarm and security-system

Wedgewood Flats Units

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